About us

WINE TERRITORY is a new concept on the specialized wine market, through which we want to make our contribution to the wine culture.

“Your opinion matters”, this is the starting point for our innovative approach and our fast response to whatever request or demand.

We are always welcoming any proposal or input from customers or suppliers.

Our long experience allowed and compelled us to discover, taste and evaluate a great number of wines from around the globe, so our current offer is “hand-picked” from the best products different areas, budget levels or producers can offer, in order to help you best discover the world of wines and flavours.

We probably have the greatest array of wines, as we aim to offer you a full experience and introduce you to a select and new lifestyle.

Our company’s sommelier is an open-minded and flexible person, always trying to eliminate any barriers between us and the consumer, be it a wine enthusiast or someone just discovering the fulfilling world of wine.

You can always reach him, by phone, mail, or social media, he will be there to answer your questions.

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